Want professionally inspected bees this year?

In accordance with the Bee Act,our nucs will be inspected by a Provincial Apiculture Inspector for regulated pests including; varroa mites, American foul brood (AFB) and the small hive beetle (SHB). This is a vitally important step in honey bee biosecurity practice and one that other nuc producers may not offer.

Your new 4 frame nucleus hive will consists of a wooden box, 4 Langstroth deep frames of drawn comb. The frames will be a mixture of newer wood and one piece frames. And contain:

  • 2 Frames of Brood & Hatching Brood
  • 1 Frame of Honey
  • 1 Frame of Honey & Pollen

All of our nucs and hives are from ‘Survivor Stock’ and contain VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) queens that were used to re-queen hives in the fall of 2017. We prefer to send out mother queens so customers have fewer issues with rejection. We will send fresh caged queens if requested. They will be either Italian or Carniolan queens. We stand behind these bees! Health guarantees and after sale support will be provided!

We can offer early spring delivery to Alberta because of the early start that the BC climate offers. Bees are expected to arrive mid to late April.

Visit the Store to purchase or contact Robert McBain at 403.681.1725 with questions.