Want professionally inspected bees this year?

In accordance with the Bee Act, our nucs will be inspected by a Provincial Apiculture Inspector for regulated pests including; varroa mites, American foul brood (AFB) and the small hive beetle (SHB). This is a vitally important step in honey bee biosecurity practice and one that other nuc producers may not offer.

Your new 5 frame nucleus hive will consists of a sturdy transport box and 5 Langstroth deep frames. The frames will be a mixture of newer wood and one piece frames. And contain:

  • 2 Frames of Brood & Hatching Brood
  • 1 Frame of Honey
  • 1 Frame of Honey & Pollen
  • 1 Other Frame or Foundation Frame

Visit the Store to purchase or contact Robert McBain at 403.681.1725 with questions.