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Spring Nuc Delivery Update #3

I heard on the CBC this morning that Calgary skipped Spring and jumped straight into Summer! I’m a little skeptical myself, as I’ve seen my fair share of snow on the May long weekend. On the positive side, we’ve had some decent weather on the Island this past two weeks and the bees are looking good! We’re excited to get these colonies to their new homes in Alberta.
We have our export inspections from BC Agriculture scheduled for Friday, May 11th. That means we should be loaded and starting the drive to Calgary early the follow week.
I’ll be sending another update with times and places once the truck is actually on the road, but the tentative pickup schedule will be:
May 18th – Calgary
May 19th – Red Deer (afternoon) and Edmonton (evening)
May 20th – Grande Praire (evening)
Lethbridge and Medicine Hat are still unconfirmed but will certainly happen that weekend as well.
I encourage everyone to ensure that they have all there gear cleaned up and in place. I highly recommend this page from Randy Oliver’s on first year beekeeping! It’s a big read, but well written and very informative. Randy is well regarded on the world honey bee scene, both by hobbyist and commercial beekeepers alike. From his page:
Installing the bees
Congratulations, you’ve just purchased either a quality nucleus colony (“nuc”) or a shook swarm (“package bees”) with a
newly-mated queen from selected stock!
Some nucs (and all packages) have the queen caged. If so, remove the candy cap when you get home to allow the bees to chew through the candy and release the queen.  But do NOT remove the candy cap if the bees are tightly balled over the cage, indicating that they have not yet accepted the queen–wait another day until they are walking lightly over the cage.
Install the nuc in the center of a brood box with additional frames to fill the box.  Keep the frames of the nuc in their original order.  Be very careful not to crush the queen!….

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get a hold of me by replying to this email or call / text me at 403.681.1725. I’m happy to help anyway I can.

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