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Spring Nuc Delivery Update

So here we are in April, a full two weeks into “spring”, but you would never know it! Many of us still have hives under snow or fields too deep to do inspections. Calgary, this week at least,  should see most of the snow melt away and the hives become accessible.

While it’s much warmer on Vancouver Island, spring has also been delayed. The maples are in full bloom, but the rain has been preventing some much needed natural foraging. At this time we are expecting to be bringing the nucs into Alberta the first week of May and distributing them within a few days. We should still be significantly earlier then most nuc builders! As always, feel free to contact me at with any questions.

There has also been increased interest in a second delivery date in June. Once we’ve assessed the strengths and conditions of the hives in the next few weeks, we’ll add this option to the store.

Stay tuned!

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