Terms and Conditions

Albertabees.com is committed to delivering the highest quality honey bee nucs possible. Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions listed below. Please contact us should you have questions. Completing your purchase indicates your understanding and acceptance.

Honey bees are living animals and require specific care. Albertabees.com does not claim responsibility for your education and preparation. We strongly suggest enrolling in a beginners class, finding a suitable mentor and joining your local bee club.

The decisions you will make in regards to your colony management can vary greatly from one beekeeper to another. It can be a highly personal experience. Each hive is different and requires different attentions to meet your desired outcome and will have a great impact on their success. AlbertaBees.com will be only held responsible for the fitness and quality of the colony at time of hand over. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the colonies that they are receiving meets the standards to which they are expecting. This includes queen rightness and amount brood present. Should you wish to inspect the bees before accepting, please make arrangements to do so. Often bringing a more experienced beekeeper is wise.

Should you encounter issues, please notify Albertabees.com within 7 days. No claims will be accepted after this period.

As these are living animals, unforeseen events may delay or otherwise prevent the orders from being delivered. Should the orders need to be canceled, refunds will be offered.

Payment is required in full to reserve your order. No refunds (These are live animals and you are committing to their care).

As required by the Bee Act, your name and address may be provided to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry for post import inspection purposes.

I have thoroughly read the above and completely understand that AlbertaBees.com cannot guarantee the date of pickup. I understand that by making this order, it is my responsibility to tend to the schedule and needs of these living creatures.